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Simon Lucaciu Trio by Karine Bravo
Schauspiel Leipzig

Triple concert with DANIEL ERDMANN & AKI TAKASE and MARIÁ PORTUGAL: EROSÃO SEPTET - The Leipzig Jazz Young Talent Award of the Marion-Ermer-Foundation is awarded for the 27th time by the City of Leipzig. Traditionally, the award ceremony takes place during the Leipzig Jazz Days, this year it coincides with the festival opening.

  • Simon Lucaciu (p)
  • Florian Müller (db)
  • Lukas Heckers (dr)

Daniel Erdmann & Aki Takase

Schauspiel Leipzig

Triple concert with SLT and MARIÁ PORTUGAL: EROSÃO SEPTET - Their joint musical creation does not result from the need for harmony or attachment to traditions, but from the coming together of two idiosyncratic musical spirits: sometimes groovy and exhilarating, sometimes emotional and dramatic, but always together.

  • Aki Takase (p)
  • Daniel Erdmann (sax)

Mariá Portugal: EROSÃO SEPTET

Schauspiel Leipzig

Triple concert with SLT and DANIEL ERDMANN & AKI TAKASE - Mariá Portugal is a Brazilian drummer, singer and producer who currently lives in Cologne. With her septet she gathers well-known musicians* of the Cologne jazz and experimental scene around her, who bring the most diverse biographical backgrounds with them.

  • Marià Portugal (dr, perc, voc)
  • Angelika Niescier (as)
  • Filipe Nader (as)
  • Moritz Wasp (tb)
  • Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tba)
  • Reza Askari (db)
  • John-Dennis Renken (tr)

GROUP50:50 "Post-Ecosystem

Residenz des Schauspiel Leipzig in der Spinnerei

GROUP50:50 & Special Guests invite you to the Aftershow with the motto "How to prepare mind and body for a rapid system change"! A live rave in the residence!

  • Kojack Kossakamvwe (git)
  • Elia Rediger (voc, synth)
  • Huguette Tolinga (perc)
  • Stany Kalanda (bass-calanda)
  • Stefan Rusconi (keys)
  • Julian Sartorius (dr)

Jazz for children "Jazzalala

Residenz des Schauspiel Leipzig in der Spinnerei

The "Jazz for Kids" goes into a new round! This year in the program: A young Leipzig line-up (also known as Munterfel) meets the international festival guests Huguette Tolinga and Julian Sartorius!

  • Ida Wutzler (voc/mod)
  • Aline Patschke (dr)
  • Laurenz Bogen (keys/fx)
  • Leo Onion (b)
  • Freya Meaner (perf)
  • Guests: Huguette Tolinga (perc)
  • Julian Sartorius (dr)

Marilyn Mazur's Shamania

Marilyn Mazur's Shamania ©Hanne Hvattum

Double concert with LINDA FREDRIKSSON "JUNIPER" - An all-female super-group from Denmark, Norway and Sweden around the internationally esteemed composer and multi-instrumentalist Marilyn Mazur, who already worked with Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Wayne Shorter and later also with Jan Garbarek in the 80s.

  • Marilyn Mazur (dr/perc/comp)
  • Ania Rybacka (voc)
  • Hildegunn Øiseth (tp/goat horn)
  • Lotte Anker (ts)
  • Lis Wessberg (tb)
  • Makiko Hirabayashi (p)
  • Lisbeth Diers (perc)
  • Ida Gormsen (bass)

Linda Fredriksson "Juniper


Double concert with MARILYN MAZUR'S SHAMANIA - The minimalist nature of the music in Linda Fredriksson's debut album "Juniper" (We Jazz Records) reflects a creative process marked by deliberate isolation and do-it-yourself production: a highly personal musical diary.

  • Linda Fredriksson (saxes)
  • Tuomo Prättälä (keys)
  • Mikael Saastamoinen (db)
  • Olavi Louhivuori (dr)

Karoline Weidt Quartet feat. Volker Holly Schlott

die naTo

Double concert with LUCA ZAMBITO QUARTETT - Born in Brandenburg in 1995, Karoline Weidt studied singing in Dresden, where she also met her current band line-up. Together they recorded their debut album "Inviting", which was released in May 2023 on Double Moon Records as part of the "Jazz thing Next Generation" series.

  • Karoline Weidt (voc, lyrics, compostion)
  • Loreen Sima (db)
  • Mikolaj Suchanek (p)
  • Valentin Steinle (dr)
  • Guest: Volker Holly Schlott (fl, sax)

Luca Zambito Quartet

die naTo

Double concert with KAROLINE WEIDT QUARTETT FEAT. VOLKER HOLLY SCHLOTT - With his quartet, the Munich native gathers three exceptional musicians of the young South German jazz scene around him, who are extremely familiar with each other from playing together in various band constellations. Having already won first place at the Junger Münchner Jazzpreis in 2021, this year they will be honored with the BMW Young Artist Jazz Award.

  • Moritz Stahl (sax)
  • Nils Kugelmann (b)
  • Valentin Renner (dr)
  • Luca Zambito (p, comp)


UT Connewitz

Double concert with TOM SKINNER "VOICES OF BISHARA" - Swiss jazz flutist Nancy Meier brings a rarely heard format to the stage: flute quartet with drums.

  • Nancy Meier (fl, comp)
  • Anett Kallai (fl)
  • Eline Gros (fl)
  • Camille Quinton (fl)
  • Tilo Weber (dr)

Tom Skinner "Voices of Bishara"

UT Connewitz

Double concert with NANCELOT - London sound with unusual line-up! Tom Skinner has been an important and central figure in London's underground music scene over the last 20 years. As an established figure, he played with "Sons of Kemet", among others, and formed the rock band "The Smile" with the two Radiohead musicians Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood.

  • Tom Skinner (dr, perc)
  • Tom Herbert (db)
  • Francesca Ter-Berg (clo)
  • Chelsea Carmichael (ts)
  • Robert Stillman (ts)


die naTo

Two brothers and a kindred spirit: the trio "RENNER" presents an unusual constellation. The instrumentation trombone-bass-drums is not inflationary often found in the history of jazz. Moritz Renner, Nils Kugelmann and Valentin Renner make excellent use of the spaces that open up without a harmony instrument. In the interplay of the three, the perfect symbiosis between freedom and paced precision emerges. You can always hear how close the instrumentalists are. 

  • Moritz Renner (tb)
  • Nils Kugelmann (b)
  • Valentin Renner (dr)

Stage Night Special: Robbi Nakayama Quartet #1

Horns Erben Kultur e.V.

Influences from the music of Geri Allen, Bob Brookmeyer, Jehan Alain and Anna Wise merge into new kinds of songs, which musically locate themselves somewhere in the present and yet always pick up fragments of the past.

  • Robbi Nakayama (p)
  • Alma Trunk (tb)
  • Jakob Obleser (db)
  • Maximilian Stadtfeld (dr)

Stage Night Special: Robbi Nakayama Quartet #2

Horns Erben Kultur e.V.

Influences from the music of Geri Allen, Bob Brookmeyer, Jehan Alain and Anna Wise merge into new kinds of songs, which musically locate themselves somewhere in the present and yet always pick up fragments of the past.

  • Robbi Nakayama (p)
  • Alma Trunk (tb)
  • Jakob Obleser (db)
  • Maximilian Stadtfeld (dr)

Joanna Duda Trio

UT Connewitz

Double concert with ROHRER/LODERBAUER/WESTERHUS/FREUND "KAVE" - In her ensemble, the Polish pianist combines acoustic instruments with electronic sounds and self-created samples. The essence of this music lies in a consistent form of improvisation in which the emphasis is on moving, rhythmic and irregular motifs that stand on their own as independent entities. These motifs merge into a whole, searching for a collective consciousness in each moment.

  • Joanna Duda (keys)
  • Max Mucha (db)
  • Michael Bryndal (dr)

Rohrer/Loderbauer/Westerhus/Friend "Kave"

UT Connewitz

Double concert with JOANNA DUDA TRIO - The distribution of tasks on the synthesizers within the international quartet, which has come together around the Swiss drummer Samuel Rohrer, is as clear as it is basic: everyone has an equally weighted participation. This gives the contemplative ambient music a strong sense of cohesion. It offers a narrative flow that never tempts listeners to focus on a single aspect at the expense of the overall experience.

  • Stian Westerhus (git, voc)
  • Max Loderbauer (modular synths, keys)
  • Tobias Freund (mc 202, syncussions, effect pedals)
  • Samuel Rohrer (dr, electronics, Moog)

On the Networking of the German and Polish Jazz Scene. A conversation format.

Prodium discussion ©Omar Flores
New Play Leipzig

Jazz is an art form that invites people to engage in exchange across linguistic and cultural differences. Nevertheless, despite geographical proximity, this exchange often ends at national borders.

  • Ben Hernandez (MDR - moderation)
  • Joanna Duda (musician)
  • Caren Marusch-Krohn (Officer for International Cooperation of the City of Leipzig)
  • Michael Kornas (musician)
  • Rainer Mende (Music Officer at the Polish Institute Berlin - Leipzig Branch)

Joel Ross "Good Vibes"

Joel Ross ©Lauren Desber
Musikalische Komödie

Double concert with SPIELVEREINIGUNG SUED FEAT. SJAELLA - From the New York Times to Rolling Stone - everyone agrees that Joel Ross is an exceptional talent. "I never had any doubt that I would make music," he says himself.

  • Joel Ross (vb)
  • Jeremy Corren (p)
  • Kanoa Mendenhall (b)
  • Jeremy Dutton (dr)

Spielvereinigung Sued feat. Sjaella "So Close And Yet So Far"

Musikalische Komödie

Double concert with JOEL ROSS - Leipzig big band line-up meets Leipzig vocal sextet - Cologne composer Jan Schreiner wrote pieces for this unusual constellation during a two and a half year joint working phase. The festival will feature one of the special release concerts of their album, which was released in August.

  • SpVgg // Reeds: Simon Bodensiek, Evgeny Ring, Lukas Diller, Johannes Moritz, Judith Kellner
  • Trumpets: Konrad Schreiter, Jannicke Hagen, Patrick Schanze, Vincent Hahn
  • Trombones: Andreas Uhlmann, Stephan Krause, Alma Trunk, Matthias Büttner
  • Piano: Simon Lucaciu, Bass: Paula Wünsch, Drums: Philipp Scholz
  • Sjaella // Soprano: Viola Blache, Marie Fenske, Franziska Eberhardt
  • Mezzo-soprano: Marie Charlotte Seidel
  • Alto: Luisa Klose, Helene Erben

"Session West" Opener Band: Chirping Machine feat. Joanna Duda

Neues Schauspiel Leipzig e.V.

Accompanied by Polish pianist and composer Joanna Duda, Mark Weschenfelder's eight-piece ensemble opens the sixth edition of "SESSION WEST". A cooperation with LeipJAZZig e.V.

  • Mark Weschenfelder (as, cl, comp)
  • Paul Berberich (fl, as)
  • Sonja Horlacher (fl, afl)
  • Johannes Lauer (tb)
  • Florian Kästner (rhodes)
  • Philipp Martin (eb)
  • Florian Lauer (dr)
  • Jan-Einar Groh (modular synthesizer)
  • Feat-guest: Joanna Duda (keys)

First Date: Mirko Pedrotti + Daniel Klein

die naTo

It's a nice feeling when good things last: Since our 44th festival edition, the cooperation between the Leipziger Jazztage and the project "Euregio Collective" anchored in the South Tyrol Jazz Festival Alto Adige has been taking place. The project unites musicians* from Trentino, South Tyrol and Tyrol. This creates a synergetic exchange of the respective regions, projects and music scenes. This year, Leipzig-based percussionist Daniel Klein meets Trentino-based vibraphonist Mirko Pedrotti.

  • Mirko Pedrotti (vib)
  • Daniel Klein (dr)

MDR-Rundfunkchor "A kind of ... Choral Music" - world premieres by Florian Ross, Andreas Theobald and Theresia Philipp


The ARD's largest and oldest radio choir is once again working on a production in cooperation with the Leipziger Jazztage: pieces composed especially for the vocal ensemble by the three Cologne-based jazz musicians Florian Ross, Andreas Theobald and Theresia Philipp will be premiered at the festival.

  • Theresia Philipp (comp, sax, cl)
  • Andreas Theobald (comp, acc)
  • Florian Ross (comp)
  • Florian Kästner (p)
  • Philipp Ahmann (cond)

Chopin. I am not afraid of the dark

Chopin ©Historia Trzech Fortepianow
Polish Institute

Cooperation with the Polish Institute Leipzig - Can music unite what wars have torn apart? Can tones bring together what bombs have divided? Can 88 keys build something where everything has been destroyed? Three musicians ask themselves and the audience these questions in places scarred by wars, in their own way: by making music.

Max Stadtfeld: STAX

Schaubühne Lindenfels

Double concert with SUM - Whoever turns to STAX' music succumbs to the charm of an unpretentious lightness, which, paired with technical high precision and ingenious gliding into each other of instrumental and effect-based sound surfaces, invites to dreamy floating away.

  • Reza Askari (b)
  • Matthew Halpin (ts)
  • Bertram Burkert (g)
  • Max Stadtfeld (dr)
  • Ebony Snow White (vis)


Schaubühne Lindenfels

Double concert with MAX STADTFELD: STAX - Together, Kilonzo and Gīw SUM, are a performance duo as well as a platform for film and media art collaborations. The constantly shifting performance of these two highly attuned protagonists, allows improvisation to act as a source of meaning - blurring roles and states full of beat, booming feedback and close-ups invite drifting. A captivating urban improv ritual. 

  • Pablo Gīw (tr, fx)
  • Kelvin Kilonzo (dance)

Camille Émaille Solo

UT Connewitz

Double concert with OUTERNATIONAL SONGS OF WOUNDING - A rattle. A tugging. A squeak. Sounds that can only be described inadequately. Then percussive elements and rhythms that, at second glance, don't seem to be rhythms at all. Camille Émaille is one of those extraordinary artists who free themselves from the conventional boundaries of sound production and explore new horizons. She considers the practice of music as an integral part of the world, of life, of everyday life.

  • Camille Enamel (perc)

Outernational Songs of Wounding - Mariana Sadovska, Max Andrzejewski, Trio Kurbasy & Ensemble

UT Connewitz

Double concert with CAMILLE ÉMAILLE - Singer Mariana Sadovska has been making field recordings in Ukrainian villages for decades, collecting forgotten songs and singing techniques. In this special concert project, her recordings have flowed into a compositional dialogue between Sadovska and composer and percussionist Max Andrzejewski. "Max found the soul of these songs," Sadovska says of his approach to the songs.

  • Mariana Sadovska (voc)
  • Max Andrzejewski (perc, comp)
  • David-Maria Gramse (v)
  • Rebecca Beyer (v)
  • Marco Mlynek (git)
  • Liam Byrne (vla da gamba)
  • James Banner (db)
  • Marta Zapparoli (live-electr and soundinstallation)
  • Elisa Erkelenz (curation, dramaturgy)
  • Trio Kurbasy: Mariia Oneshchak (voc)
  • Olha Balandiukh (voc)
  • Nataliia Rybka-Parkhomenko (voc)

Petter Eldh's Project Drums feat. Sun-Mi Hong

WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik Leipzig e.V.

Triple concert with SERA KALO and MAGRO - A cooperation with WERK 2. The Swedish bass virtuoso and producer honors us with his "Project Drums": an ongoing collaboration with the most exciting drummers of our time! In Leipzig he meets the Korean drummer Sun-Mi Hong - a live premiere to get excited about!

  • Sun-Mi Hong (dr)
  • Ketija Ringa Karahona (fl)
  • Otis Sandsjö (ts)
  • Petter Eldh (MPC, b, synths)

Sera Kalo "eXante

WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik Leipzig e.V.

Tripleconcert with PETTER ELDH'S PROJEKT DRUMS FEAT. SUN-MI HONG and MAGRO - A cooperation with WERK 2.

"I welcome you to explore my aural cosmos..." Sera Kalo
The U.S. Afro-Caribbean singer presented her debut album together with an exciting Berlin line-up in June - recorded and produced with Petter Eldh. "eXante" captivates with a mix of avant-soul melodies and jazzy vibes, paired with electronic beats and poetic storytelling!

  • Sera Kalo (voc)
  • Igor Osypov (g, synth)
  • Sofia Eftychidou (b)
  • Brian D. Sauls (dr, fx)
  • Eren Solak (key, synth)


WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik Leipzig e.V.

Tripleconcert with PETTER ELDH'S PROJEKT DRUMS FEAT. SUN-MI HONG and SERA KALO - A cooperation with WERK 2.
Together with special guest MC Rapturous (The Swag), Magro presents an intriguing blend of spacey jazz and pumping hip-hop beats, as featured on his album "II". For Magro, the record is an "emotional snapshot" of what "music with a jazz attitude" sounds like to him right now.

  • Special guest: Rapturous (voc)
  • Martin Lüdicke (keys)
  • Francesco Beccaro (b)
  • Magro (dr)

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet

die naTo

A little more than ten years ago, Sun-Mi Hong came to Europe from South Korea to study drums. She found a new home in Amsterdam and met her band mates from Scotland, Italy and Korea, who have been accompanying her as her quintet line-up for several years. Starting under not so easy conditions, Sun-Mi Hong has found her own way with a lot of willpower and is now one of the most sought-after young musicians in Europe.

  • Sun-Mi Hong (dr)
  • Alistair Payne (tp)
  • Chaerin Im (p)
  • Nicolò Ricci (ts)
  • Alessandro Fongaro (db)

Eric Schaefer Ensemble Hayashi

Oper Leipzig

Double Concert with TIGRAN HAMASYAN - Premiere! Inspired by the ancient art of Japanese Nō theater, Eric Schaefer's Ensemble Hayashi combines various techniques of improvisation and composition with dance and visuals to create a captivating interdisciplinary performance.

  • Eric Schaefer (dr, comp)
  • Margherita Biederbick (vl)
  • Anna Carewe (clo)
  • Chris Dahlgren (db)
  • Kathrin Pechlof (harp)
  • Christian Weidner (as)
  • Gebhard Ullmann (bfl)
  • Uwe Haas (electronics)
  • Acci Baba (visuals)
  • Ichi-go (dance)
  • Mona Masuyama (costume)

Tigran Hamasyan "The Call Within"

Tigran Hamasyan ©Davide Monteleone
Oper Leipzig

Double concert with ERIC SCHAEFER ENSEMBLE HAYASHI - In a unique way, Tigran Hamasyan combines contemporary jazz with post-rock and the rich musical tradition of his native Armenia: a vibrant music in which polyrhythms, odd time signatures and breathless tempos alternate with quieter, poetic, ethereal phases.

  • Tigran Hamasyan (p, keys, voc)
  • Marc Karapetian (b)
  • Arthur Hnatek (dr)


WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik Leipzig e.V.

Triple concert with HJIROK and a DJ set by MARIE TJONG-AYONG - GORZ is an innovative musical formation consisting of Argentine-German singer Lara Alarcón and Swiss Cyrill Ferrari on guitar and drum machine.

  • Lara Alarcón (voc)
  • Cyrill Ferrari (git, dr)


WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik Leipzig e.V.

Triple concert with GORZ and a DJ set by MARIE TJONG-AYONG - HJirok is an art figure invented by singer Hani Mojtahedy. To provide a stage for this mythical figure, she uses recordings of Sufi music as well as field recordings from Kurdistan, which she processes into electronic sounds together with Siamand Mohammadi.

  • Hani Mojtahedy (voc)
  • Siamand Mohammadi (synth)

Marie Tjong-Ayong DJ Set

WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik Leipzig e.V.

Triple concert with GORZ and HJIROK - "Dancing turns off my head" says Marie Tjong-Ayong. And this is exactly the feeling we want to give our audience after a seat-heavy festival week. As the closing act of the Leipziger Jazztage, the Berlin-based DJ treats us to a vinyl-based DJ set that moves between futuristic UK drum 'n' bass, breakbeat and percussive tribal polyrythmic techno.

  • Marie Tjong-Ayong (Vinyl)


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