Brigade Futur III

Elia Rediger
die naTo

Jazztage Kick-off!

Eco-collapse, consumerism, privatization: topics that demand social discourse. Here in the dadaistic-jazzy headlock of Brigade Futur III.

The Berlin collective Brigade Futur III is a big band unlike any other in Germany. The musicians of Brigade Futur III have come together to take up the legacy of Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill. Especially in the conviction that artists must express themselves politically. The devastating effects of predatory capitalism are becoming increasingly clear and it is clear that things cannot go on like this.
In their songs, they tell stories that deal with what concerns them personally and describe their dilemmas without threatening to point a finger in a lecturing manner. The music oscillates between early Duke Ellington, polyrhythmic overlays and post 2010 hip-hop.
Jérôme Bugnon (tb), Michael Haves (b), Elia Rediger (voc, g), Benjamin Weidekamp (as, bcl, cl), Spielvereinigung Sued
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A special concert to get you in the mood for the 43rd Leipzig Jazz Days.