Rolf von Nordenskjöld Orchestra "Best of 25 Years

Rolf von Nordenskjöld Orchestra ©Andreas Kämper
UT Connewitz


VVK: VVK 14/10 € plus fee
AK: 18/14 €

Attention! Canceled! Unfortunately, this concert will not be able to take place! Purchased tickets will be refunded.

"When I'm not making music, I'm playing tennis," saxophonist, flutist and composer with a penchant for large ensembles Rolf v. Nordenskjöld was quoted as saying in the Märkische Allgemeine a few years ago. The 63-year-old is bursting with energy both on the court and on stage boards: Nordenskjöld was a member and leader in the orchestra of the Friedrichstadtpalast and the Dieter Keitel Bigband, in the RIAS Bigband and the Big Band of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Since 2001 he has taught at the HMT Leipzig and also conducts its big band.

Rolf von Nordenskjöld Orchestra © Andreas Kämper

The Rolf v. Nordenskjöld Orchestra has been in existence since 1995, took a long creative break in between and returned in 2015 - with a precision landing on the band's 20th anniversary - with a new program. The concert at the Jazzinstitut Berlin, recorded by RBB-Kulturradio, became the fourth release of the band, whose repertoire consists almost exclusively of original compositions and arrangements by the band members, as "Einspielzeit im Niemandsland". And they have such illustrious names as Volker Schlott, Falk Breitkreuz, Martin Auer, Simon Harrer, Wolfgang Köhler and Marc Muellbauer. The concert at UT Connewitz will be supplemented by pieces by Berlin saxophonist and composer Helmut Brandt, who would have turned 90 this year and was considered the best-known German jazz musician in West Germany in the 1950s, alongside Albert and Emil Mangelsdorff. 

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