the naTo (admission from 17:00)


VVK: 14/9 € (plus fees)
AK: 18/13 €

Two brothers and a kindred spirit: the trio "RENNER" presents an unusual constellation. The instrumentation trombone-bass-drums is not inflationary often found in the history of jazz. Moritz Renner, Nils Kugelmann and Valentin Renner make excellent use of the spaces that open up without a harmony instrument. In the interplay of the three, the perfect symbiosis between freedom and paced precision emerges. You can always hear how close the instrumentalists are. 

The winners of this year's Bavarian Jazz Association sponsorship award are convincing "with intelligent compositions, emotional and virtuosic playing and a warm, transparent sound" that can be musically classified in the genre of modern jazz. Afterwards Valentin Renner received the BMW Young Artist Jazz Award - more than enough reasons to celebrate his music with the trio that evening.

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