Jazz calendar #310

Let's Talk about jazz ... and wide fields.

We've been hit by it. And no, it's not the fluttery intoxication of springtime infatuation. After all, this is a serious brochure, not a raunchy trashy magazine. Corona holds parts of the team in a tight embrace. But this is not the pharmacy review either. It doesn't even come with dextrose. That's why we leave you with our niggles. Because anyone who has just found out that leg measurement, windowsill length and sunlight incidence form an ideal ratio for sitting comfortably and looking into a small section of the world can also very well write a (last) jazz calendar editorial! 

jazz calendar may

Moment. Wait a minute. Wait a minute! One last one? Of course not! The Jazzkalender is its own little success story and here, of course, everything continues as usual. After nineteen issues, only the editorial management will change and the editorials will come from a different pen in the future. A short insertion, so as not to write about myself in the third person: I (Esther) am saying goodbye to Jazzclub Leipzig at the end of April and moving to Cologne. Not so easy, I tell you. Because the club has grown very close to my heart and the monthly jazz calendar escapades have always been quite enjoyable for me.

I will miss many of you and especially my great jazz club colleagues. Thank you for welcoming me openly into the club and for the time we spent together! Period and back to jazz.

As we all know, this is a wide field and in May in Leipzig many of its varieties can be discovered! We are bringing back what had been planned for a long time, had to be postponed and so far could neither find a digital nor an actual stage in the context of MusikZeit . We are looking forward to three MusikZeit concert highlights! Please note that you can buy a combined ticket for these three concerts. With Billy Hart and Pat Metheny, two music legends are also in town this month. KidsJazz L.E. is laying the groundwork for the future, the Women in Jazz Festival explicitly promotes female musicians, and over in Berlin, the hip, freshly named Festival of the Year, XJAZZ! is taking place. A lot to experience. Therefore: Browse through tips & dates and above all, - go out and experience music live! 

See you there!

Your Jazzclub Team