GROUP5O:5O in Concert "Collab Stories

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Schaubühne Lindenfels


VVK: 14/10 € plus fee
AK: 18/14 €

Live premiere! Swiss musician Elia Rediger has been working closely with artist friends from the Democratic Republic of Congo for years, developing new spaces of artistic, musical dialogue.

The Swiss singer Elia Rediger, the Congolese guitarist Kojack Kossakamvew, and the violist Ruth Kemna from Italy are three well-traveled members of the music and theater collective GROUP50:50. They have been working closely together for years and continuously develop new spaces of exchange on musical, historical, economic themes. Here jazz serves as a place of energetic encounter between improvisation, art song, Congo rumba, contemporary music and narrative. The musicians present music to ancient ancestral stories. Utopias between ecstasy and postcolonial restitution debate. The result is an intensive multimedia concert evening in the field of tension between Africa and Europe. That which was and everything that is yet to come. The evening promises borderlines between the physical and the spiritual, between life and death. We get into a rousing musical maelstrom and experience food for thought on the current world situation; - global failure as well as cooperation are thematized. With music from works that have been performed on stages in Africa and Europe over the past years (including Hercule de Lubumbashi) and new compositions concerning the future of the interrelationship Kinshasa and Leipzig. With contributions by Christiana Tabaro and Huguette Tolinga, Willy Ilumbo, and other local guests. The concert is dedicated in part to the founding member of the collective Dorine Mokha, who passed away in the spring of 2021. 

GROUP50:50 in Concert "Collab stories" - Teaser

The concert at MusikZeit is the live premiere of the project in this constellation. The performance is additionally planned as the shooting of a narrative concert film. There will be no audience in it, but cameramen will move (inconspicuously) through the room during the event.

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With compositions by Kojack Kossakamvwe, Ruth Kemna, Elia Rediger, and others from the music theater pieces "Hercule de Lubumbashi" and "THE GHOSTS ARE RETURNING" (a co-production with euro-scene Leipzig, to be seen at the 2022 festival edition).

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