LeipJAZZig Orchestra conducted by Stephan König

UT Connewitz

The LeipJAZZig Festival starts with its own orchestra - Stephan König (ld, p, key, komp, arr), Thomas Prokein (vl), Christoph Schenker (vc), Frank Nowicky (fl, alt-sax, ten-sax, cl), Michael Arnold (ten-sax, alt-sax, sopr-sax, cl, bcl), Henning Plankl (alto sax, bar sax, cl, bcl), Johannes Moritz (sopr sax, alto sax, cl), Frank Bartsch (trp), Gundolf Nandico (hrn), Natascha Zickerick (tba), Frank Kaiser (git), Stephan "Grete" Weiser (bg), Kay Kalytta (perc), Wieland Götze (dr)


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