springZZ benefiZZ jaZZ

Moritzbastei, event buoy

The fizz collective returns after a lengthy pandemic-related hiatus!

At the beginning of the benefizz concerts was the war in Syria and the associated displacement and flight. If the - in addition to the great willingness to help - existing opinion mongering, agitation and xenophobia shamed in 2015, the great wave of help and solidarity gives hope in 2022. There is war in Europe - and what sounded unimaginable just a few months ago - is a new reality. To set a sign for peace and to raise money to help those in need, the fizz collective invites you to a concert at Moritzbastei. With SMURD, Beri, The Tooth Pickers and the pianist Vincent Meissner four excellent and diverse artistic projects will be on stage. As in previous editions, the collective is committed to the concert for solidarity and peaceful coexistence. The proceeds will benefit organizations that help refugees.


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