Luca Zambito Quartet

Luca Zambito ©Nils Kugelmann
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VVK: 18/12 €
AK: 23/17 €

Double concert with KAROLINE WEIDT QUARTETT FEAT. VOLKER HOLLY SCHLOTT - With his quartet, the Munich native gathers three exceptional musicians of the young South German jazz scene around him, who are extremely familiar with each other from playing together in various band constellations. Having already won first place at the Junger Münchner Jazzpreis in 2021, this year they will be honored with the BMW Young Artist Jazz Award.

The focus of her debut album - which bears the title "Ancestry" and was released by UNIT Records at the beginning of the year - is the topic of "origin". The artistic examination leads into wide emotional worlds, into their intimate-filigree moments as well as their explosive outgrowths. Thus one is drawn into a web of sound that is held together above all by the lightness in the interplay.

A cooperation with the Munich Department of Culture.

Previously Karoline Weidt Quartet


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