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You don't have to know Erich Kästner (but it's better if you do!) to know: Life is always life-threatening. Especially these days, keyword "sunburn" and keyword "skin cancer". We, your councellor magazine No. 1, betray to you, how you protect yourselves and your skin best against the gemeendährlichen sun!
It is completely simple. You must follow only these five simple steps: 1. sleep much, above all long. 2. stay in bed, for example read a book (e.g. by Erich Kästner). 3. wait until it gets evening and/or dark. 4. then immediately go to a fine jazz concert in a cool cellar. 5. come home safely and start again with step 1.
Step No. 4 is what we are concerned with here in particular. You will find some hints about it in this sheet, especially on the 7th, 9th, 13th and 29th of Juno we recommend going out in the evening. First of all, the four hussars called MEAN will transform the Telegraph into "Clara Park". Jonas Timm goes with his trio even a tiny step further, from Leipzig to Myanmar. In the middle and at the end of the month, we'll be back at the naTo, which may no longer look nice from the outside, but still sounds great inside - first for the (free, by the way) HMT graduation concert by pianist Olga Reznichenko, who tiptoed into our cover, and later with the entire big band of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater.
In between, you can also take a look at the program of the Bach Festival and the Shostakovich Days in Gohrisch near Königstein.
Juppheidi, juppheida!
The Jazzkalender editorial staff
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