Matthias Boguth's Milk Wood "Dylan Thomas"

Horns heirs

Jazz and poetry by the young Leipzig ensemble with texts by the Welsh writer - Stage Night Special

The BBC first broadcast Dylan Thomas' masterpiece "Under Milk Wood" in 1953. A "play for voices", as Thomas himself categorized it, with almost 70 different roles in the original. The radio play reveals to the listener 24 hours in the Welsh fishing village of Llaregyb and tells of the comings and goings of the villagers, the dreams of the blind sailor Captain Cat, the romances of the young Polly Garter or Mr. Pugh, who is toying with the idea of murdering his wife.
The young Leipzig ensemble stages a selection of the texts in a modern jazz setting and performs them sensitively. Singer Matthias Boguth, who penned the quartet's compositions, initiated the project in 2017. He is supported on stage by Philip Frischkorn, who plays in the Eva Klesse Quartet, which was awarded the ECHO Jazz award as "Newcomer of the Year" in 2015, as well as Stephan Deller and Max Stadtfeld, who are both present on the Leipzig jazz scene. In an impressive way, the four musicians bring the listening experience of the 1950s to life and capture the everyday pain and vitality inherent in this special piece in their playing.
Matthias Boguth (vocals), Philip Frischkorn (grand piano), Stephan Deller (double bass) and Max Stadtfeld (drums)
VVK 14/10 Euro plus fee (AK 16/12 Euro)