Jazz calendar #300


Goodbye basement cave. We have heaved the wing with smoke-filled lungs out of your night-consuming belly. Back to the light. Past much overlooked sunsets. The gloomy stairway beckons with broken tiles. A wind stroke leads to the last tremor of the stage curtain for the time being - water stain, tape seam and falling sickness notwithstanding - we would have gladly climbed the rickety wooden ladder one more time and hung it up again. Be that as it may. For the time being, it stays that way. Goodbye, Liveclub Telegraph.

Issue #300 should originally have been about a well-known - even if only by hearsay - blood-soaked popcorn adventure with heroes in sandals, but recent events made us refrain from this fabulous plan. On 19.12.2019, the Telegraph and the live club Telegraph, located in the basement, forcibly closed its doors for an indefinite period. Caught cold by this situation, our start of the year was accordingly moved. Fortunately, we were able to count on the support of helpful venues in our short-term search for new locations! In the coming weeks and months, our concerts will take place at the Werkcafé in the Kulturhof Gohlis (RADAR), the Neues Schauspiel Leipzig (Root 70) and the Schaubühne Lindenfels (Zwitschermaschine). Curious, we explore the new territory! Habit? Security? We can also be different!

Greetings from the road
Your Jazzkalender editorial team
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