Jazz calendar #292

"There are melodies and songs that enter into certain rhythms, they beat down your insides and you're down to nine," wrote the pub-evening-tested Gottfried Benn in "Destille II," and in the lines that follow he leaves little doubt that the distress of the lyrical self hopes for relief in intoxicating transfiguration or well-placed fisticuffs. April, however, does not bring us jazz and intoxication, but the MusikZeit 2019 with jazz and poetry - but there is not much in between. Apropos: The rabbit in the intoxication.
This reached, next to the cow in the propeller, through the event series Jazz & Poetry, initiated by Werner "Josh" Sellhorn, to some fame in the former GDR. Until 1967, the series took place with a changing line-up, but often with Manfred Krug and the Jazz Optimists. The story of the hanky-panky of jazz and poetry is tender, hard to orgiastic and continues - in a few lines it is hardly done justice. All the better that KUU! opens this year's MusikZeit with "Lampedusa Lullaby" and Jelena Kuljić's mighty voice throws itself into the rumbling body of her band, luxuriating, ranting, lamenting, and brings to mind that here are two lovers, in changing guises, rubbing up against each other. Eternally we would want to be at home in the rhythmic thrusts of Nora Gomringer & Band, but neither the times nor jazz and poetry are made to stay. Besides, the moon sticks gauzy in the sky, the streets roar and where one stays, the other would like to be: Alfa Mist sends us on the hunt for our outlines, depriving us of sleep on World Jazz Day.
The flying, it evolves.
Your Jazzkalender editorial staff
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