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... is traditionally available in the Jazzkalender, your faithful companion for jazz and other music. Let's take a look at the current editorial:
Since 2012, World Jazz Day and Record Store Day have coincided in the same month - and thus, for us at the jazz club, Christmas and Easter together, so to speak (in the truest sense of the word).
Created by UNESCO, World Jazz Day (4/30) "aims to commemorate the artistic significance of jazz, its roots and its worldwide impact on cultural development." Whether this perhaps contributes more to the museumization of jazz than to the emphasis on the liveliness, craziness and playfulness of the genre is a moot point - a little more attention for 'our cause' can't hurt. Of course, this also applies to a visit to the record store around the corner, for example on 18.4. on Record Store Day, when exclusive recordings are released (including Herbie Hancock on green vinyl).
But the best thing of all is to hear music live and in color. We have prepared a lot: from electric guitar plus strings (Peuker8 on 9.4.), to Berlin-Leipzig-Chicago-Improvisation (Punkt/Kempendorff/Daisy on 16.4.) to Rimbaud-poems in rock-jazz (Z-Country Paradise on 27.4.). In addition, the jazz collective first invites Holler My Dear (6.4.), then no less than four bands to the first KUBIQUE Festival on 30.4.
And then our world jazz month of May is just around the corner: we have Wolfgang Muthspiel with Larry Grenadier (!) and (!) Jorge Rossy (!), Brad Mehldau's rhythm section at the Telegraph, Snarky Puppy pianist Bill Laurance with a new band (including bassist and drummer from Snarky Puppy) from New York at the naTo. And for our annual MusikZeit we bring the renowned independent label for dark jazz, ambient and drone - DENOVALI - to Leipzig for the first time! On a single evening, Piano Interrupted and Poppy Ackroyd from the UK, Ricardo Donoso from Brazil and Field Rotation from Berlin will perform on the UT stage. Pre-sale for these three highlights is underway, let's see how long we have tickets left....
Have fun reading, buying records and visiting the concerts

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