Jazz calendar #314


It's time for new resolutions, baby!

The year is drawing to a close and, as is indeed the case every time, you find yourself surprisingly suddenly in December and wondering where the hell this damn year has gone?!
In the maelstrom of pleasure, work, vacation, joy, sadness and all the things that one experiences in the rush of the period on 365 days, suddenly the sense of time fades. Or is it the age and the gray cells taking over with it?

Jazz Calendar DEC/JAN Editorial
Jazz Calendar DEC/JAN Editorial

Everything rushes past you as if you were watching a movie and not as if you were the main protagonist in this blockbuster called life. 

Sense of time is an absurdity - How can it be that 7 minutes of waiting sometimes feels like a lifetime, meanwhile wondering when was the moment I snapped my fingers at the beginning of the year suddenly find myself at Christmas.

But however it feels, however absurd it may be, however intangible it seems. We accept. Surrender to the freshness that suddenly moves through the streets. How the sun surrenders to the gray sky and the early onset of darkness. At first it annoys, but let's all admit it: Leaving summer behind us is difficult, but with the arrival of winter, calm and serenity also enters our lives. And the opportunity to finally make New Year's resolutions again. 

Here are a few resolutions that are quite easy to implement in December and January: 

05.12. Gellert Szabo (Die NaTo), 22.12. Flashback: Olga Reznichenko dedicates herself to the music of jazz piano legend Horace Silver (Werkcafé), 14.1. Eva Klesse Quartett (Die NaTo) and much more awaits you on the next pages of the jazz calendar. 

Enjoy the holidays and come well into the new year. 

See you where the music plays,   

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