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Sometimes when I start writing this editorial, I often sit in front of a blank page for a while. Or, let's be honest - in front of a blank Word document. It's really not as romantic as it was in 1900 - writing on parchment paper by candlelight and with a quill. 

All right, so the reality is this: I sit in front of my laptop and ask myself what I'd like to write about, what might be worth mentioning. I look around the world, look at the sky, at the street, at the construction site out of the office window. Sometimes an idea comes, then it disappears again. Sometimes a new one comes, or it takes a few days until the next flash of inspiration pushes its way between the synapses and enters my consciousness. Most of the time, however, in the end everything turns out to be completely different from what I had planned before. I guess that's just how life goes.

Jazz Calendar DEC/JAN Editorial
Jazz Calendar DEC/JAN Editorial

When this editorial appears, the 46th Leipzig Jazz Days will already be over. Probably we will have experienced wonderful concerts. We will probably have had a lot of fun. Probably anticipation will then give way to experience and this then to after-joy. The melancholy of reminiscing, the nostalgia. Perhaps also pride to have mastered all this. Perhaps relief and satisfaction. But first and foremost, we can probably all draw on great musical experiences and wonderful moments. And that is why we are doing all this in the first place. 

And as the saying goes, after the afterjoy comes the next anticipation. That's right, isn't it? November almost doesn't let us take a breath, because it's back to Jazzclub Live concerts! Mirna Bogdanociv, Kreisberg meets Veras, Bureau Bureau and finally the concert with Salomea that was planned some time ago - hibernation my ass. Get out of bed and into the concerts!

But also other organizers have not kept their feet still: The Jazzfest Berlin opens the month of November with a great lineup and also the LeipJAZZig autumn festival brightens up the gray November with some concerts. 

Nevertheless, a sad message is not missing at this point: In August of this year, jazz icon Rolf Kühn passed away at the age of 92. We remember him on behalf of the Leipzig Jazz Club. Rest In Peace, Rolf - an obituary on the next page.

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