Jazz calendar #307

LET'S TALK ABOUT JAZZ... and Big Break?

Sometime at noon in a school building: With the ringing of the gong, a confusing crowd of noisily laughing students pours into the hallways, where the sweet smell of fermenting laminate hangs in the air and janitor Klaus - "I am the servant and the master of this house" - is once again flexing a pipe. Doors open and out: And there it is - the great freedom consisting of rubber twist, round trip, secretly puffed cigarettes, holding hands and milk roll. Relaxation can be that simple. So it's off to the big break - to finally swap stickers again?

Where do we want to go with such soft-pointed references to schoolyard memories? Towards the question of what actually happens after the conclusion of the festival on the scale of the Leipziger Jazztage (30.9.-9.10.2021). We clean up: Washing BMWs in the drizzle. Piling up empties, clearing out the technical transporter and slowly making our way back to our workplaces in the office - carefully storing mementos of the festival. One last wipe. Open the window, let the autumn air blow through and then: big break? Not quite.

© Lukas Diller

After the festival is before the November jazz calendar and our concerts, which are still on the program in the remaining months of the year. In the Morizbastei, the HMT Stage Night - the session in cooperation with the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy University of Music and Theatre - is really picking up speed again. Every Tuesday from 7:30 p.m., up-and-coming musicians invite you to discover their music. We are also pleased to announce two upcoming release concerts. The Georg Demel Quartet and the Trio Dorn/Elgart/Lucaciu will each present new releases. Also new is the project Teleidoscope by Leipzig trombonist Antonia Hausmann. Speaking of trombone: our upcoming program is all about this instrument. Besides Antonia Hausmann and Georg Demel we have - in December - trombonist Mathias Hochmuth with a flashback concert to Curtis Fuller in the program. There is much more to come and we are looking forward to it!

The big break will have to wait.

Stickers we can still trade!

Your Jazzclub Team


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