Evgeny Ring Quartet with new record - MESOKOSMOS

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What is this project about?

"I quickly sensed who I wanted to play with in a band," Evgeny said about the formation of the quartet in 2007, and apparently he proved to have the right intuition back then. In numerous concerts, the quartet toured throughout Germany, Belgium, Spain and Russia, quickly made a name for itself within the jazz scene and won prizes at the "International Jazz Prize Burghausen" and the "Jazz Competition Hoeilaart Belgium", among others.
In 2011 the joint debut album "Ya Tashus" (Double Moon / Sunny Moon) was released. Translated it means simply "I find it cool" - it is the loose saying of a Russian friend of Evgeny, which was unceremoniously declared the album title. And the quartet's playing style is just as straightforward: "Each of us not only has his own instrument that functions as a means of expression, but also shapes the playing of the others with it," says Evgeny.

In January 2015, the second album of the Evgeny Ring Quartet "Mesokosmos" is to be released via the Swiss jazz label UNIT Records. Behind it is the idea of an artificially created world that leaves plenty of room for observation and experimentation. The album's nine pieces move between traditional structure and modern interpretation, combining images of expectation with improvisational free spirit. The compositions all come from Evgeny himself, tell his stories.

To tease out the strengths of each, to create common space for individual ideas, that's what the quartet is all about. But all this only works through the close connection of the four guys to each other. And from this trust, this openness and friendship, uniqueness emerges again and again - in improvisation, on stage and in life itself.

For the recording of the new CD we invited a guest. Bastian Ruppert enriches the color palette of the music with his guitar playing and supports the creation of the new sounds.

What are the goals and who is the target audience?

This action is intended to finance the production of the New Album - MESOKOSMOS. 

Why should someone support your project?

There are a few reasons why you could support us:

- You like our music
- You like us
- You heard us on a concert and found the announcements of Sascha sympathetic
- You like energetic music
- Our debut album "Ya Tashus' "is already almost 4 years old and a new record must finally come out!

What happens to the money if the financing is successful?

We pre-financed part of the production costs ourselves. So we have already recorded and mixed the music in the studio.
But there are still many things that we have to finance:

- Mastering
- Production in the pressing plant
- Photos
- Cover u. Booklet Design
- Promotion/Advertising
- Dispatch of the thank-you notes.

We guarantee that every cent we will raise in the campaign will be used for production.

Who is behind the project?


Evgeny Ring - saxophone, composition
Sascha Stiehler - piano
Dominique "Gaga" Ehlert - drums
Philipp Rohmer - double bass
Bastian Ruppert - guitar - our "special guest" on the album.

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