Jazz calendar #316

LET'S TALK ABOUT JAZZ ... AND the glitter of the city.

I never thought much about this topic before, until I found myself at a coffee table recently, first talking about God and the world with my counterpart, until we ended up discussing our spleens. Spleens. What exactly are spleens? According to Google, they are "crazy ideas" or "quirks". So a certain collecting passion? That I can only fall asleep listening to someone talk? A particular way of looking at things? That when we go shopping we grab at least the second package, but never the one first on the shelf? What are rituals, characteristics, what of them are spleens?

Jazz calendar february 2023

While I had to think for a long time at the aforementioned coffee table about which of my quirks could be called spleens, my counterpart had already listed countless ones without having to think about it for long. One of these quirks was "dirty spots". I first thought of huge mountains of laundry piling up in all corners of the apartment. Shortly it shook me inwardly. But what I meant was something completely different. I was referring to corners of the city that at first glance seem dirty, unattractive, even ugly. And the quirk of finding something aesthetic about it, of "seeing it glitter". A certain geometry, an arrangement, colors, mood, light. Whatever it is. Walking through the city and "seeing it glitter" everywhere. What a beautiful quirk.

A few days after my conversation about Spleens and Schmuddelecken, I thought of a film I recently saw in the cinema. The silent satellites" is about loneliness, about love, about places in Leipzig, about places of longing and those of confidence. In the end, the beautiful is also shown there in the seemingly unattractive. And so it began very slowly: on my daily way to work, I suddenly saw it sparkle here and there. The city began to glitter for me again.

That's why I warmly recommend you all: Look for the glitter! Now is the best time for it - because February makes it very easy for all of us: It starts with the concert of the Lisbeth Quartett on 05.02. in the naTo - the four-member ensemble presents the songs of the new album "Release", which embody lightness, gentleness, emotionality and power at the same time. Next up is the catch-up concert by Bureau Bureau - here you can expect experimental music made up of vocals, drums and vibraphone. Finally, the recommendation for the Kurt Weill Festival in Dessau from 24.2.-12.3.23, which curates a program under this year's motto "In the Sign of Upheaval", which transforms the departure from crisis-ridden times 100 years ago into the existential upheavals of the present.

Let's go in search of the sparkle,

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