Blache/ Dornbusch/ Kraft/ Summer "Schumann disrupted

© Gregor Hohenberg
UT Connewitz


VVK: 17/12 € plus fee
AK: AK 22/17 €

Romantic passages invite to indulge, merge into powerful grooves and are brazenly broken neutonically.

The romantic art song of the 19th century deals with nature motifs by means of sung lyrical texts. Nature appears here as a place of longing. Dream and reality intertwine and blur into something indistinguishable. With her first solo album "Schumann Kaleidoscope", released in 2020, the young pianist Johanna Summer dedicated herself to the musical material of this period in an improvisational approach. For "Schumann disrupted," one of the festival projects of MusikZeit 2021, she joins soprano Viola Blache and clarinetist Phillip Dornbusch. Enchanted by the imagery of Robert Schumann's pieces, the four penetrate his musical templates in a multi-layered way. Their different musical backgrounds and influences form the basis for their joint experimentation: Romantic passages invite revelry, transition into powerful grooves, and are brazenly broken neutonically by electroacoustic dismantling.

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