Harth/Lindemann "VOICES IN THE HEAD

Between headphone vocal loop concert and sound art
Maike Lindemann © Antje Kröger
Maike Lindemann © Antje Kröger
Old trading exchange


VVK: 17/12 € plus fee
AK: 22/17 €

The listening experience of speech, sound radio play and songs, conceived by Maike Lindemann and Sonja Harth, lets the voice take center stage. Second concert at 8:00 pm.

...and paint with joy my gray areas colorful.

Maike Lindemann in preview of the concert on 2.10.2021

On October 2, we meet at 6 and 8 p.m. at the Handelsbörse. Suddenly we are sitting in the dark, seemingly alone. But are we really, alone? Or are there not still deep from our innermost being those voices in our head? This is the name of the project of the two voice artists Maike Lindemann (vocals) and Sonja Harth (sound design). Through headphones, we experience an intensive sound conglomerate of various voices and noises, of live singing and pre-produced loops, of "closeness and distance", the conflict of which Lindemann and Harth want to question together with the audience. And further: "Do I feel the truthfulness of my physical existence and my feelings only in relation to others"? Thus the mode of presentation already reflects that the two artists stage an astonishing interplay between inside and outside. The feeling of being alone is constantly broken with light and haunting sounds on our ears, sometimes we are very close to each other, sometimes completely with ourselves - and then again completely somewhere else.

The two artists are no strangers to the scene. Maike Lindemann has been active in Leipzig for years and is part of various music projects, such as the duo Plebeian Love and the a cappella quintet Voxid. She is inspired by Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone and Lauryn Hill, among others, and describes "singing [as her] natural being". She is currently working on a solo album as a voice loop artist under the name likiam. Sonja Harth, who lives in Bamberg, is considered one of the most sought-after greats in sound design and live mixing in the a cappella scene. Recordings were made for example by ONAIR, High Five and also Voxid, where the two artists have already worked together. Different voices are Harth's métier and so Lindemann's warm soprano appears as a perfect complement to her technical and musical finesse.

Two experts, both experimental and experienced, take us on a journey through the world of voices in the head. Perhaps after this in-depth experience we will come out of the trading exchange thinking to ourselves, quasi-cathartically purified, as likiam sings in "Contours":

"How nice that I like me!" Maybe alone, but happy.

  • Text: Augustinus Häußler


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