Sonia Loenne "MOVING IN"

Only Sonia. Nothing else.
© Damaris Brendle
Old city bath


VVK: 17/12 € plus fee
AK: 22/17 €

The singer explores new connections between her body and her singing in a solo performance. Second concert tour through the "Lost Places" at 17:00.

"Singing is ugly. Singing is exhausting. Singing is close. Singing is physical. Singing is aloof." This is how Sonia introduced her application for the Open Call for the Leipzig Jazz Days 2021. This introduction already illustrates Sonia's extraordinary approach to her solo performance concert at the old Stadtbad, where the singer explores newconnections between her body, her muscles, her movements and her singing, her voice. "All muscles change my tone, all tones change my muscles", Sonia writes about her intense and close performance, which shows the singer without musical accompaniment, without stage, without effects, without guidelines completely pure and personal - only Sonia, nothing else: bold, unconcealed, free. She improvises sometimes playfully melodic, sometimes shrill and loud, trembling, scattering, sometimes soft, gentle with her voice and tone sequences, movements flow out of the moment, the feeling, the body. The result is a profound, honest encounter with a singer who sheds the masquerade of the great stages and plays, who breaks the traditional notion of a woman as beauty on stage and shows a truthful, sometimes painful, ugly, intense physicality of singing. Sonia criticizes the gender norms that still exist in jazz singing, traditional notions and an accompanying focus on the physicality of a female singer, a as Sonia says "false physicality" that she has been exposed to long enough as a woman. Sonia will inspire us this evening to break outdated patterns and discover a whole new liberated physicality of singing. 

Concert tour through the "Lost Places" at the Altes Stadtbad with: Karch | Ní Bhriain | Rumsch | Wójcik "Celestially Light I" and Hausmann/Paas/Wodni "(SK)IN - SIDE - OUT" and Sonia Loenne "Moving In".

  • Text: Elena wine


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