Stage Night Special #1: Oh Y!

Antje Kröger
Horns heirs

The first musical collaboration of Steffi Narr and Jan Frisch - loud, staged chaos and silence shines on the horizon.

Dreams of the future. 
The theme of this year's Leipziger Jazztage couldn't have been more fitting to ignite this rocket. Oh Y! break through the atmosphere and set off into space. The flight goes into the dark, blue expanse, but there is already a faint glow on the horizon, foreshadowing that it will not be just a whisper. The impact is approaching. How loud will it be? It has already been ignited.
Three, two, one...

Jan Frisch and Steffi Narr meet musically for the first time in this project. It's an inspiring collaboration and exchange that had a very natural tempo from the beginning. Their two guitars, which sometimes almost become one, dance around stumbling samples and beats. Man and machine face off. It gets loud. Voices float above the staged chaos that punctuates the songs. And then it suddenly becomes completely quiet.
Steffi Narr (g, voc, drumcomputer), Jan fresh (g, voc, drumcomputer)

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