Eric Schaefer Ensemble Hayashi

Eric Schaefer Ensemble Hayashi ©Leo Zwiebel
Oper Leipzig


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Double Concert with TIGRAN HAMASYAN - Premiere! Inspired by the ancient art of Japanese Nō theater, Eric Schaefer's Ensemble Hayashi combines various techniques of improvisation and composition with dance and visuals to create a captivating interdisciplinary performance.

Japanese Nō 能 is the oldest living theater form. It has a compositional structure that on the one hand gives the performers exact specifications, while on the other hand allows self-determined spaces and blurs that open up to improvisation. The ensemble creates a hypnotic soundscape in which interpretations of classical music are combined with improvisational techniques of jazz. Ritual music from Shinto festivals and Buddhist lore flow seamlessly into this dialogue.

An unconventional musical journey inspired by Zeamis (founder of Nō Theater): "Question the old, understand the new"!

Followed by Tigran Hamasyan "The Call Within".

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