Abacaxi by Sylvain Gripoix
Abacaxi by Sylvain Gripoix
East Passage Theater


VVK: 9/6 € (plus fees)
AK: 9/6 €

Double concert with Kalle Kalima & Tatu Rönkkö - Abacaxi have a sound with recognition value. However, the special thing about their performances is not only their music, but also the light show, which the band controls from the stage itself. 

Abaxaci is the Portuguese word for pineapple and so they are often described with the phrase "A heart filled with sweets and a shell of spines", which refers to the sweet fruit. However, it is not so easy to describe the music of the three musicians, because what you get to hear from Abacaxi is a wild mixture of electronic and rock elements. Julien Desprez, the founder of the music project, lives in Paris and has made his passion his profession. While at the beginning of his career he was mainly focused on jazz and rock, he now strives for rather freer forms of music. His trademark is a kind of tap dance, which he performs while stepping on his effect pedals to change the sound of his guitar. Whoever sits in the audience of Abacaxi is immersed in a world of light and sound, which may seem almost infinite.


Abacaxi creates a sound with a high recognition value. Which makes their performances special is not only their music but also the lightshow which the band members produce by themselves on stage. Abaxaci is the Portuguese term for pineapple which is why they often get described as "a heart full of candy and a skin made of spikes", which refers to the fruit.

What is less easy though is to describe their music. What the listener gets to hear is wild mix of electronic and rock elements. Julien Desprez, the founder of the project, lives in Paris and made his passion a job. In the beginning of his career, he was mainly focused on Jazz and Rock, now he is into a rather free form of creating music. His trademark is some tap dance he does on stage, due to effect pedals he is pressing with his feet to change the sounds of his guitar. Whoever is sitting in the audience of Abacaxi will immerse into world of light and sound which seems almost to be infinite. 


  • Text: Manolya Sen


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