Melt Trio

Max Zerrahn
The naTo


VVK: 14/10 € plus fee
AK: 18/14 €

This trio is pushing the boundaries of jazz - and has been doing so since 2010, because that's how long the band has actually been around. Since then, the three Berliners have been refining the combination of different sound worlds and traveling musically from jazz to classical modernism to post- and prog-rock, even playfully switching between acoustic and electronic sounds.

In 2016, the band toured India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, followed shortly afterwards by a concert on the main stage of the Garana Jazz Festival in Romania. In 2018, the trio took to the stage at the Moers Festival, followed by a tour of Peru, Guatemala and Mexico in 2019. 

To crown their work, the Melt Trio received the Jazz Award for "Instrumental Album of the Year" this year and we are delighted that they are now taking the time for a stop in Leipzig. You can look forward to an innovative trio that is sure to surprise you at one point or another.


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