Hania Rani "Spring Tour

UT Connewitz

Hania Rani has been a known quantity in neo-classical music for years. Since 2019, she is now also on stage with her solo project - and will be visiting UT Connewitz in May.

"I am constantly searching for new ways to express myself," the Polish composer, pianist and singer says about herself. She also seems to be constantly succeeding. Whether with cellist Dobrawa Czocher or in the duo project Teskno with singer Joanna Longić. Whether film scores or theater music. Hanna Rani permanently seeks - and finds - new ways of expression in her music, both stylistically and thematically. In 2019 her first solo album "Esja" was released, directly followed by "Home" in 2020. Her music is a personal negotiation between departure and arrival. Constantly in flux, the piano themes drift on, pick themselves up again, lose themselves in newness. Even though one can fall into a state of hypnosis while listening, the compositions are not repetitive, they do not fall into compositional arbitrariness at any point. Sometimes it is best to refer to the conciseness of YouTube comments. So it should be here, too. Under "Home," someone comments, "It's a beautiful album." Yes, we agree. And perhaps that's all there is to it.

Hania Rani "F Major


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