Atom String Quartet

UT Connewitz


VVK: VVK 17/12 € plus fee
AK: AK 22/17 €

Atom String Quartet is one of the most fascinating string quartets in the world and also one of the best Polish jazz bands. The group combines the skills of a string quartet with improvisation in the broadest sense.

If you want to listen to soft sounds and indulge in a glass of wine, you are definitely in the wrong place at this concert. The Atom String Quartet will make even the most tired eyes shine. The four string musicians from Warsaw make music that's a wash. Dawid Lubowicz, Mateusz Smoczyński, Michał Zaborski and Krzysztof Lenczowski draw their inspiration from a wide variety of musical styles. Through their heated interplay, they make the air glow and the stage shake. With influences from jazz, classical music and folk music, they create a unique mix of sounds that will pick up everyone. The musicians have already been richly rewarded for this. Not only with full halls and thunderous applause, but the talented string players have also been able to take home many an award.

  • Text: Manolya Sen


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