Sera Kalo "eXante

Sera Kalo ©Dovile Sermokas
WORK 2 Hall D


VVK: 22/15 € (plus fees)
AK: 28/21 €

Tripleconcert with PETTER ELDH'S PROJEKT DRUMS FEAT. SUN-MI HONG and MAGRO - A cooperation with WERK 2.

"I welcome you to explore my aural cosmos..." Sera Kalo
The U.S. Afro-Caribbean singer presented her debut album together with an exciting Berlin line-up in June - recorded and produced with Petter Eldh. "eXante" captivates with a mix of avant-soul melodies and jazzy vibes, paired with electronic beats and poetic storytelling!

Sera Kalo grew up in a Caribbean home in Connecticut steeped in a mix of musical styles, from her St. Lucian mother's soulful singing of old hymns and Motown classics to her Dominican father's love of reggae, cadence and calypso. From a young age, the diverse musical influences of her childhood home combined with the suburban big city sound and various alternative style mixes shaped her love for music. Today the artist lives in Berlin and has found her niche in the multicultural identity of the big city. 

If you want to get in the mood for the concert in advance, you should get to know Sera Kalo's animated alter ego, which can be admired in various music videos! 

Previously Petter Eldh's project Drums feat. Sun-Mi Hong

Following Magro



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