Rohrer/Loderbauer/Westerhus/Friend "Kave"

Kave ©Georg Stuby
UT Connewitz


VVK: 22/15 € (plus fees)
AK: 28/21 €

Double concert with JOANNA DUDA TRIO - The distribution of tasks on the synthesizers within the international quartet, which has come together around the Swiss drummer Samuel Rohrer, is as clear as it is basic: everyone has an equally weighted participation. This gives the contemplative ambient music a strong sense of cohesion. It offers a narrative flow that never tempts listeners to focus on a single aspect at the expense of the overall experience.

The musical contributions of Tobias Freud on electronic devices and Stian Westerhus on guitar and vocals blend into something Rohrer describes as "forest-like," but which is interpreted differently from ear to ear.

"KAVE" is music marked by a mystery that can easily be mistaken for darkness. Yet it proves its vibrant vitality through the act of branching out and unexpected diversification. The quartet sets out to make this metaphor grow, creating a hypnotic foundation through pensive, slow searchlights in the fog, synthesizer soundscapes and percussive elements.

Previously Joanna Duda Trio



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