Jazzclub Leipzig & the naTo present: Mondayboxxx Jazz Orchestra and Koerper

Fairground Leipzig

The Mondayboxxx Jazz Orchestra was founded in April 2019 in Leipzig. The band unites a wide variety of musicians* who could meet in any conceivable constellation elsewhere in the music world, but they prefer to meet again and again on Mondays in their familiar ensemble. Usually at froelich&herrlich in the West Wing, but now they want to get some air! Their music ranges from old-school/traditional jazz of the 1920s to free and complex compositions to the present and distinctive arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs.

Mark Weschenfelder (as), Johannes Moritz (ts), Patrick Schanze (tp), Ludwig Kociock (tb), Florian Kästner (Fender Rhodes), Jonas Dorn (g), Andris Meinig (kb), Philipp Scholz (dr)

"Dirty Beats and Chords from Space!" This is how the seven-piece band Koerper from Leipzig describes their music. A mixture of Math-Rock, Experimentel HipHop, Modern Jazz and bizarre soundscapes. Through the instrumentation with horns, analog synthesizers, guitar, bass and two drums, there is a tremendous wealth of possible textures and stylistic connotations. At the end of 2015, guitarist Moritz Sembritzki, who lives in Berlin and Leipzig, founded the project Koerper. The series "Koerper im Keller" was created in the club of the Neues Schauspiel Leipzig. Initially, a nine-piece instrumental formation played here under the name with changing actors* from the Leipzig jazz scene. In the meantime, a permanent lineup of seven musicians has emerged. The self-titled debut album "Koerper" was released in early 2017. Originally, the DIY production was only planned as a demo EP. However, label owner Daniel Klein (Lakeland Records), who is friends with the band, liked the result so much that he included it in his catalog as an album release.

Vincent Bababoutilabo (flh), Gustav Geißler (as), Julian Schließmeyer (tb, synth), Moritz Sembritzki (g), Jacob Müller (b, synth), Philip Theurer (dr), Julius Kraft (dr)

VVK 8/12 € plus fee at Culton Tickets and tixforgigs (from 3.9.)


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