Chopin. I am not afraid of the dark

Chopin ©Historia Trzech Fortepianow
Chopin ©Historia Trzech Fortepianow
Polish Institute


Cooperation with the Polish Institute Leipzig - Can music unite what wars have torn apart? Can tones bring together what bombs have divided? Can 88 keys build something where everything has been destroyed? Three musicians ask themselves and the audience these questions in places scarred by wars, in their own way: by making music.

NOTE: The date of the event is unfortunately printed incorrectly in print products (Leporello, program booklet). Correct is that the film will be shown on October 19 at 9 pm.

One of them, together with Turkish-Israeli percussionist Zohar Fresco, made the connection to Arabic and Asian sound cultures at the 36th Leipziger Jazztage in 2012: Polish jazz pianist Leszek Możdżer. In a small village in Poland's Masuria region, he draws inspiration from his contact with nature. He goes boating, walks barefoot through the forest, philosophizes about music. And in the midst of this idyll, he plans a concert at the German Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, where today people from all over the world gather to learn from the past. It is a place that stirs tremendous emotions. Możdżer wants to bring light to this place.

Korean pianist Won Jae-Yeon plays on the border with North Korea, right in the middle of the Seung-il-gyo Bridge, which has a strong symbolic power. It was built half by North Korea and half by South Korea. The wing is in the middle of the bridge. In the audience are families torn apart by the war and people who managed to escape from the hell of North Korea. 

Fares Marek Basmadji gives a concert in downtown Beirut. Polish blood also flows in the veins of the Syrian emigrant born in Aleppo, who currently lives in England. The concert is of great symbolic and emotional significance for him, as it also represents an attempt to come to terms with his own past - his flight. His audience is also refugees.

Organizer: Polish Institute Berlin - Leipzig Branch in cooperation with the New Leipzig Chopin Society e.V. and the Jazzclub Leipzig e.V. / the production of the film was co-financed by the Polish National Foundation Polska Fundacja Narodowa. 

Admission free, donations requested


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