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Mia is sitting in a restaurant with her boyfriend, his brother and his girlfriend. The conversation is about nothing. Platitude follows platitude. Mia realizes that she is sitting across from three strangers. From somewhere she hears jazz, she looks around. There, just below the ceiling: a loudspeaker - and right next to it the four letters EXIT. Mia gets up and leaves.
This camera shot with the jazz-sounding loudspeaker as an exit strategy comes from Damien Chazelle's second film "La La Land", which you have to see for that reason alone (and is offered some musical kitsch not seen in the cinema since "Grease"). As a reminder, Chazelle's debut "Whiplash," about a jazz drummer at the New York Conservatory, not only won three Oscars, but also a program slot during the 39th Leipzig Jazz Days. And Cinematic Jazz is now also available in 2017: It's about a young actress and a pianist who wants to open a jazz club. And who wouldn't want to!?
Until this dream will come true one fine day, we focus for now on our upcoming concerts, with explosive and elegant jazz music. Starting with the SEEED-tested Hornbeefs, followed by the Gottlob-finally-record-releasing BabY BoOmers, via a Miles Evans flashback for big SV-Sued-Besteck - this time with flugelhorn player, trumpeter, pianist and XJAZZ-maker Sebastian Studnitzky - to the young jazz trio moment's concept and finally to Carlos Bica & Azul with Frank Möbus and Jim Black is back. Well, if that's nothing? Billets are available in advance as usual at Culton.

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