Jazz calendar Jazz calendar in March

The phone rings. Where is the Jazzclub office? A little later the doorbell rings and a little later Hansi Noack is standing in our office. Hansi Noack, or Brutal Hansi, the man with the violin. It is winter, he is wearing sandals, without socks of course. Just as naturally, the child next to him is painted blue. It doesn't even occur to ask why.
Both have come here to inform us about a concert for the next jazz calendar: Grüßaugust, the successor band to the Inchtabokatables, is playing at Tonelli's. Hansi presses the press release into my hand, which says: "Unfortunately, they have nothing better to do than to celebrate again, albeit under a different name, the same unspeakable and unclassifiable mix of noise, punk, psycho and fun [with which] they steal playing time and stage space from hopeful and aspiring newcomers." Well then.
The two Noacks are at it again. AFTER the jazz calendar, the Kreuzer still has to be informed....
Have fun reading and at the concerts, wishes the JK editorship


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