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Let's talk about jazz, people!
You only have to change four letters and the word 'April' becomes the word 'Jazz'. And that's no coincidence! Unesco World Jazz Day on April 30, the National Jazz Young Talent Festival at the Moritzbastei, Women in Halle er Jazz, the Mini Jazz Festival at the HMT and Three in the Jazz Club with Ed Partyka, Trio.Diktion and Frank Zappa's heirs from Cologne - what a month!
So once again the jazz level in the blood is kept constantly high. And as we all know, this not only strengthens the immune system, but also the human tolerance level. How nice it would be if the public attention for jazz could keep up with its vital signs on stage. Or if a radio station didn't just broadcast jazz once a year from a temple of high culture, but perhaps once a month from a club. Because when one radio station comes, another comes, and with it sometimes television, and with it the national press, and so on and so forth. - But if one of them doesn't come, the others stay away, and you only read/hear about jazz when someone dies. Fortunately there is still the jazz calendar!, finds: Your jazz calendar editorial staff
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