Jazz calendar #301


Wet meadows. Frosty gusts. Mud splashes. Sabine. Always this gray. The twilight licks golden in the sky and bird's hearts jump out of their plumage in front of a chirping whoop. Early blossomers are swarming along the path and at the latest in view of the swirling maple seeds we don't want to deny it anymore: it doesn't take much and the sun lets the hibernation be. Time for roots!

Now it is with us with the plant theory of course not far. Only the looking, wondering stroller's eye seduced us to these initial considerations. As is well known, it's always a matter of getting down to business here - namely jazz, jazz, jazz! In March, jazz has a lot to do with those fine ramifications that can sprout the juiciest green even from barren soil. The director of the Darmstadt Jazz Institute, Wolfram Knauer, has been on his way to the sources of jazz for at least 30 years. From his latest work "Play yourself, man! - The History of Jazz in Germany" Knauer will read on March 14 at the Werkcafé in the Kulturhof Gohlis. In it, a day in December 1917 when the U.S. 15th Infantry Regiment was dispatched to Europe with working soldiers with jazz nipping at their heels. "Jazz is the fashionable dance of today, a shaking of limbs and contortions never before seen in a dance hall," Knauer quotes from a 1921 German News Agency report. Beyond hindsight, Knauer also reflects on the current situation of jazz in Germany - its social relevance and its potential to be political. Root 70, trombonist Nils Wogram's band that has long been rooted in our attention, is touring to celebrate its 20th anniversary as a band and comes to the Neues Schauspiel for a concert on March 23. For the cherry on the metaphor cake: for fresh ramifications and shoots from and with the jazz mesh, there is the album release concert of the Philipp Rumsch Ensemble at the UT Connewitz on 3/26.

Let's go to seed,
Your Jazzkalender editorial staff
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