Jazz calendar #293

Growing up in the deceptive calm of peace. Bedded on a sun-warmed roof with a view of the whirring of a city in the distance and behind the house a pool with a rubber swan, always ready for a ride in the wet. Sunday roast-full, limonade-thirsty and entrusted with nothing but ourselves, it steeps itself with pleasure and tipsy of the beautiful glow, comfortably stored at the breast of lethargy. Before we slumber too deeply, we dare to try to grab ourselves by the scruff of the neck and shake ourselves awake.
Appetizingly decorated emptiness surrounds us and being a pessimist is an easy trade at this time. We quickly put on our goggles of doom and say that Europe should cling tightly to the bull's flanks so that it doesn't fall before reaching its goal. So that it does not come so far, a reference beyond the jazz is woven in at this point: Make use of your right to vote and get involved. Politically as well as culturally, we are dependent on understanding the future not as an already predetermined work, but rather as an initiated, changeable process of which we are a part. Especially because of this aspect, we are looking forward to concerts of committed musicians in May and especially to support again the benefit series of the collective fizz. Already often quoted, but once again appropriate - the words of the Brigade Futur III (which will play the kick-off concert of the 43rd Jazz Days): "We add a categorical imperative of action to future tense 2, since an event will have happened in the future only if the conditions for it have first been created in the future."
Future tense.
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