Jazz calendar #316

LET'S TALK ABOUT JAZZ ... a riddle.

Which place is this, at which one sits and sits, possibly bored or looks nevertheless spellbound outside. At which one can marvel at the sky rushing along green meadows and either be annoyed about rain or be happy about sun. Or the other way around.

Jazz Calendar March Editorial
Jazz Calendar March Editorial

In the end, however, it doesn't matter what the weather is like, because we are protected here. At least to some extent. A place where you can observe all of life and at the same time be so secluded, all to yourself. Where we can make contact or remain anonymous. Where we can meet children, adults, seniors, sometimes even animals. Watch people, listen to people, get in touch with people, turn away from people annoyed. Supposedly, this is even the perfect place to meet new sweethearts. Quasi an "oldschool Tinder"? Well, for one or the other, it must be quite clear where we are right now. You don't find this particular combination of inconsequential sitting and straightforward movement too often. Sitting and moving forward - at least in the best case, because sometimes nothing moves at all. But from now on, we will no longer talk in riddles, but in plain language. If you don't know yet which room was written about, you should simply note down the most important concert dates for March. On 3.3. we brought Damian Dalla Torre to the naTo, on 9.3. there's finally another Flashback at the Kulturhof Gohlis and for the crowning finale on 24.3. the concert by the Pentland Nay Quartet feat. Jerry Bergonzi, also at the Kulturhof Gohlis. Please continue reading, there you will find detailed information why you should get concert tickets for our March program.

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