Angelika Niescier / Alexander Hawkins

Fri, 10/16 Kunstkraftwerk 20:00
"Furious particle accelerators of atomic motif chains" meets one of the "liveliest voices in modern jazz."
Alexander Hawkins and Angelika Niescier met at the Jazzfest Berlin. Niescier had just been awarded the Albert Mangelsdorff Prize in Berlin, the most important jazz prize in Germany.Hawkins was fascinated by Niescier's saxophone playing, and she in turn was enthusiastic about his music. They stand on equal ground. Both have their roots in jazz, both love the jazz avant-garde of an Ornette Coleman or Cecil Taylor. Two technically skilled instrumentalists with a sparkling temperament, drive and joy in experimentation. 
Angelika Niescier - saxophone, Alexander Hawkins - piano 
VVK 16/23 € plus fee, AK 23/30 €
And afterwards: The harvest


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